Awake Whitening Toothpaste and Accelerator w/ Shade Guide

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Meet your new morning pick-me-up! This energizing formula is infused with caffeine, matcha, green tea + other naturally energizing ingredients that are designed to supercharge your senses and get you ready for the day. It's a boost for your oral health and a buzz for the mind that's 100% safe (and a healthier habit than coffee!). 

- Boosts energy while promoting alertness + mental focus 

- Whitens teeth 6 shades in 5 days (on average) without sensitivity* (and we've got the studies to back it up!) 

- Fights plaque 10X better than leading plaque-removing toothpastes* (cause plaque is whack) 

- 75% less abrasive than the limit set by the ADA* (on a scale of 0-250, we're a 65) 

- Makes smiles look shiny + new (even dentures, veneers, or bonded teeth!) - Calcium + phosphates help build additional strength while protecting against cavities 

- Fluoride-free 

- 3-month supply (4.2 oz)

- We’re so confident in your results that we have included a shade guide so you can track your progress.  Seeing is believing! 


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